Give take home party gifts with these cute Thanksgiving candy jars

5D4B4755 - Thanksgiving Candy Jars

Show each member of your family how grateful you are for them by creating custom Thanksgiving candy jars personalized just for them! Use photos and other embellishments to decorate a jar, and then fill it with their favorite candy.

Spend an afternoon focusing on how grateful you are for each member of your family while you decorate small candy jars just for them. Each person is sure to feel appreciated when they see their photo on a jar, accompanied by cute Thanksgiving decorations and sentiments.

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Place each jar on the Thanksgiving table to serve as place cards or give them to people before they leave your holiday celebration. If you have a large Thanksgiving party, consider making one jar for each family instead of one per person.

For this project, you need various Thanksgiving-themed embellishments, such as stickers, glitter decorations, or printed statements of thanks, as well as an assortment of Thanksgiving candy. You also need photos of your loved ones, either preprinted or printed on the spot with the help of your smartphone and a mini photo printer like the HP Sprocket. Find the supplies for this project at your local craft store or dollar store. The mini printer can be purchased online.

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Prepare the project

Before you begin, clean and dry the jars. Fill each jar with Thanksgiving candy and attach the lid. Wrap Thanksgiving-themed washi tape around the jar to create a pretty background for the photo. Add a Thanksgiving decoration on top of the jar.

5D4B4659 - Thanksgiving Candy Jars - Prepare the project

Decorate the jar

Print one image of each person or family with your mini printer. Alternately, have the photos printed at your local photo lab or print them on your home printer.

Place a photo where the washi tape ends meet on the jar. Mini printers have self-stick photo paper, so you can simply remove the backing and stick the photo to the jar. If you are using an alternate method to print the photos, use double-sided tape or glue to adhere the photo to the jar.

Stick any additional glitter embellishments to the jar as desired. You can also tie a pretty ribbon around the neck of the jar.

5D4B4675 - Thanksgiving Candy Jars - Decorate the jar

Thanksgiving favors

Pass out the candy jars on Thanksgiving or use as place cards at the dinner table, so each family member knows you are thankful for them!

5D4B4681 - Thanksgiving Candy Jars

Such a thoughtful gift!

5D4B4699 - Thanksgiving Candy Jars

Put candy jars together in no time

5D4B4797 - Thanksgiving Candy Jars

These festive jars will liven up your holiday table

5D4B4746 - Thanksgiving Candy Jars

Get in the spirit!

5D4B4718 - Thanksgiving Candy Jars


  • Mini printer and paper
  • Glass jars
  • Washi tape
  • Assorted Thanksgiving candy
  • Glitter decorations and embellishments
  • Glue or double-sided tape


  1. Clean and dry the jars.
  2. Fill with candy and attach the lid.
  3. Wrap washi tape around the jar.
  4. Choose an image (one jar per person or family) and print it out and place where the washi tape ends meet.
  5. Add a decoration on top of the jar.
  6. Pass out the candy jars to make each family member know they are appreciated!


5D4B4708 - Thanksgiving Candy Jars