Make a New Year’s Eve disco ball for your at home holiday celebration


No other celebration is as glamorous as New Year’s Eve. There’s just something about ringing in the new year that requires glitz, glamor and a little sparkle, which makes this New Year’s Eve disco ball, inspired by How Was Your Day a great decoration for your big year-end bash.

With just a few supplies and a simple craft technique, you can transform a paper lantern into a shiny disco ball-inspired decoration that will have your party guests dancing until the ball drops over Times Square. You can find the supplies for this craft at any craft or big-box store. You’ll find paper lanterns in the party supplies aisle, and an array of duct tape awaits your creativity in the hardware or craft sections.

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Use a large paper lantern disco ball to create a focal point, or use smaller lanterns to create several smaller disco balls distributed around your party venue. These decorations look especially festive when paired with metallic streamers or backdrops, paper tassel garlands, balloons, or oversized paper fan medallions.

Metallic duct tape makes this disco ball craft shine and sparkle, but don’t be afraid to use duct tape in different colors to create a bright, fun decoration for any party or special occasion. Birthdays, a Cinco de Mayo party, a wedding shower, a golden anniversary party … all are possible events that these disco balls can liven up.

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Create tape strips

Cut a piece of tape a few inches long, and fold it over, leaving about a third of the sticky part of the tape exposed. Cut each folded strip of tape into 1-2” pieces.

5D4B4600 - NYE Discoballs - Create tape strips

Prepare lantern and apply tape strips from the bottom of the lantern

Open the lantern up and insert the wire brace inside to stabilize it. Then, take the prepared tape strips and apply them to the exterior of the lantern, starting from the bottom.

5D4B4613 - NYE Discoballs - Prepare lantern and apply tape strips from the bottom of the lantern

Add more rows of tape strips

After the bottom row of tape strips has been applied, add a second row using the other color of tape. Repeat this step, alternating colors. Each successive row of tape should overlap the prior row, covering any exposed area of the lantern. Cover the entire lantern in tape strips, then stand back and admire your New Years Eve disco ball!

5D4B4636 - NYE Discoballs - Add more rows of tape strips

Get ready to boogie!

5D4B4647 - NYE Discoballs

Beautiful and so simple to make

5D4B4655 - NYE Discoballs

Gorgeous shimmer!

5D4B4684 - NYE Discoballs

No one will believe you made this yourself

5D4B4696 - NYE Discoballs

Fancy sparkle to brighten up the evening!

5D4B4678 - NYE Discoballs


  • Paper lantern
  • Scissors
  • Mirror duct tape in gold
  • Mirror duct tape in silver


  1. Cut a 4- to 6-inch piece of duct tape.
  2. Fold the wide side of the duct tape in about a third,  leaving approx 1 inch of the sticky side showing. The sticky side is how you will stick the duct tape to the ball.
  3. To create the fringe, cut slits in the folded part of the duct tape, up to the sticky side. Do not make cuts through the sticky side. You can space these slits apart as widely as you like.
  4. Stick the fringe to the opened lantern, starting from the bottom of the lantern and working your way up.
  5. Continue until entire ball is covered.

We used alternating rows of colors: silver, gold, silver, and so on. You can use whatever color pattern you like!

If you want to create all the fringe at once, stick duct tape to waxed paper to create a removable backing.

Working with duct tape

Duct tape is such a fun, versatile craft material To make it even easier to work with:

  1. Choose scissors that are treated with a Teflon coating, or sticky-proof your own scissors by rubbing an adhesive remover solution (such as Goo-Gone) onto the scissor blades with a paper towel.
  2. Re-apply the adhesive remover whenever the scissor blades start to get sticky.
  3. Hold duct tape taut when you cut it.

5D4B4688 - NYE Discoballs