Gifts for the mom mourning the end of ‘Game of Thrones’

Game of Thrones Mother's Day gifts
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Welp, we’ve all been avoiding the inevitable for a while now. When people bring it up, we change the subject. When headlines reference it, we scroll right on by. But with May 19 fast approaching, we can no longer deny that the end of Game of Thrones is upon us. It goes without saying, but we’re not ready.

If you’re a mom who’s mourning that impending end like we are, you might need a few gifts to help you get through. The following picks should fill the Westeros-sized hole that will surely be left in your heart once Game of Thrones goes off the air.

Personalized doormat

game of thrones doormat gift
Photo credit: Tangled Designs Co./Etsy

Make both your bloodline and your fandom readily apparent to all who enter your home with this personalized coir doormat.

Sansa soy candle

What does a Sansa Stark-inspired candle smell like, you ask? Peonies, lemon cakes and Winterfell, of course! And while the Seven Kingdoms are undeniably cruel, these soy candles are decidedly not — they’re made using 100 percent natural, eco-friendly, vegan materials.

“I am the sword in the darkness” tank

game of thrones tank
Photo credit: Coco Breeze Co./Etsy

This feminized muscle tank featuring the Night’s Watch oath will make you feel like you’re channeling Jon Snow any day of the week. Plus, let’s be real: We’re down to wear anything with a direwolf on it.

Mother of Dragons tumbler

This isn’t just any tumbler. This tumbler has scales — scales that subtly shimmer and shift colors in the light, just like a dragon. There couldn’t be a more fitting chalice for a modern mother of dragons.

Vintage playing cards

game of thrones playing cards
Photo credit: Time Void/Etsy

The next time you pull out a deck of cards to play a round of poker with friends, let it be these. Works of art unto themselves, every card features an illustrated GoT character. Each of the four suits represents the four main houses of Westeros: Lannister (diamonds), Targaryen (clubs), Baratheon (hearts) and Stark (spades). Brilliant!

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Life-size Jon Snow cardboard cut-out

Once Game of Thrones goes off the air, those Sundays staring lovingly at Jon Snow don’t have to end. This life-size Jon Snow cardboard cut-out will fulfill all of your swooning needs whenever your heart desires. Plus, it’s sure to be quite the conversation piece at parties.

Tarot cards

It may be hard to imagine what your future holds once Game of Thrones is over for good, but perhaps this clever tarot card deck can be of assistance. Just speak to the spirits of Westeros and see what they reveal.

Arya Stark keychain

Need a daily remember you’re a total badass? We’re obsessed with this Arya Stark-inspired keychain. It may be tiny, but it relays a huge (and empowering) message.

Khal Drogo plush blanket

khal drogo blanket
Photo credit: Etsy/Creature Haven

C’mon, can you think of any mama who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with this cutie, er, we mean blanket? If you can’t have Khal Drogo in real life, sleeping with his warm — albeit plush — body wrapped around you is the next best thing.

Targaryen-Stark ’20 campaign sweatshirt

No matter your political affiliation, we can all agree that a ticket comprising Daenerys Targaryen and Arya Stark is a winning one. Show your support for the best possible ballot ever with this cozy fleece campaign sweater.

Characters bookmark set

If Sam has taught us anything, it’s that reading isn’t just a smart thing to do — it can actually keep you alive in a brutal world. These incredible engraved bookmarks will keep you company while you feed your brain.

Gold and emerald “moon of my life” ring

moon of my life ring
Photo credit: Etsy/Ardonn

Feel free to start dropping major hints to your loved one that you need this stunning Game of Thrones-inspired ring in your life. Just be forewarned — seeing the “moon of my life” inscription on the inside may make you tear up thinking of the love between Khal and Dany.

Cards Against the Iron Throne board game

If you love Cards Against Humanity, you’re really going to love Cards Against the Iron Throne. This parody box card game set will keep you and all of your fellow Game of Thrones-loving friends laughing your asses off — you know, instead of bawling over having to say goodbye to the Seven Kingdoms.

Embossing rolling pin

game of thrones rolling pin
Photo credit: Etsy/RollingPin13

The end of Game of Thrones makes us want to eat our feelings, so it’s nice to think that what we’re shoveling in our mouths will at least be Game of Thrones-themed. This embossing rolling pin creates cookies that might just keep your cravings (read: feelings) at bay.

“Badass mother” enamel pin

Pin this to your bag. Or a backpack. Maybe you have a favorite cardigan you can put it on. Bottom line? This is the kind of reminder we could all use. Plus, it’s cute.

Makeup vault

This makeup vault from Sephora has everything you need to make you look like you’re fit for the Iron Throne — think eyeshadow, a highlight palette, lip and cheek stain, 24/7 glide-on eye pencils, Vice lipsticks and, our personal favorites, Jon Snow’s longclaw large eyeshadow brush and Arya Stark’s needle flat eyeshadow brush.

“I drink and I know things” decanter set

i drink and i know things decanter
Photo credit: Etsy/Personality Gift Set

Tyrion Lannister has had a lot of excellent one-liners in Game of Thrones’ history, but this is arguably our favorite. And, clearly, it’s fitting on a decanter set.

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House of Targaryen mini backpack

The deep burgundy and red tones of this mini backpack, along with its incredible House of Targaryen theme, make it an irresistible carry-all for any Game of Thrones fan.

A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook

a feast of ice and fire cookbook
Photo credit: Bantam/Amazon

Watching Dany and the gang battle it out in the name of the throne can sure work up an appetite. And the thought of letting them go kicks that hunger into high gear. Don’t worry, though — this Game of Thrones-inspired cookbook has you covered.