10 gorgeous no-carve ways to decorate a pumpkin

Photo credit: Iryna Imago/Getty Images

Pumpkins are a fall icon. You cannot celebrate fall as an American without a pumpkin. But that doesn’t mean you have to carve a jack-o-lantern. There are so many creative ways to decorate a pumpkin that don’t require a knife. These gorgeous pumpkins are a great alternative to carving, and because they haven’t been cut open, they won’t rot or get smelly or soggy too quickly. They can even be used a centerpiece, mantle decorations, and of course be displayed on your front porch.

From painted to decoupaged to glittered, these decorated pumpkins are a classy and fancy way to celebrate the season.

Monogrammed Pumpkin

monogram pumpkin
Photo credit: Radio Butlers

You can either spray paint an orange pumpkin white, as this tutorial for a monogram pumpkin instructs, or simply purchase a white pumpkin. Simply stencil on the first initial of your last name and paint in the lines. What a sweet way to show off your family pride.

Knob Top Pumpkins

no-carve knob top pumpkins
Photo credit: Stone Gable Blog

Instructions for these chic knob top pumpkins? Paint white. Pull out the stems. And insert a pretty knob top that you can likely find at a vintage shop or antique store. You will not see anything like this anywhere else.

Pink to Purple Ombre Pumpkin

pink to purple ombre pumpkin
Photo credit: Cosmopolitan

Take your pumpkin decorating skills to the next level with this girly pink to purple ombre pumpkin! Perfect for any princess, or bachelorette pad. And if it attracts adorable, fuzzy kittens, I’ll make one, too!

Neon Paint Dipped Pumpkins

Photo credit: A Night Owl Blog

These bright, 80s-tastic pumpkins will please kids and adults alike! They’re super fun and will totally pop as part of your holiday decor. The dripping pattern gives it a creepy touch.

Edgy Chic Pumpkin

No-carve edgy chic pumpkin with gold studs
Photo credit: Small Shop Studio

If you want to go a little edgy, try painting it black and adding gold studs. This is the best no-carve pumpkin decorating project that is also adult-friendly–because who wouldn’t want to showcase these awesome rock n’ roll pumpkins. They have a little class and a lot of sass.

Gold-Leaf Pumpkin

Sophisticated gold-leaf pumpkins
Photo credit: Pure Wow

Show off that fact that you’re livin’ large with a shiny gold-leaf pumpkin. A pumpkin like this is not only fun to make, but would shine as the centerpiece to your holiday dinner. To really give it the royal treatment, put it on a pedestal (as shown).

Doily Pumpkin

no-carve doily pumpkin
Photo credit: Allyson Baker Design

You don’t even need to visit the craft store to make this doily pumpkin. Simply stop by Grandma’s house and pick up a doily. In return, be sure to bring her a decorated pumpkin when you’re done. A doily never looked so good.

Paper Leaf Pumpkin

paper fall leaves pumpkin
Photo credit: Good Housekeeping

This paper leaves pumpkin is festive, but we don’t see why you couldn’t try one using real leaves. Just use decoupage blue to affix the leaves to the pumpkin–you can put them in any pattern you desire as well.

Family Decoupage Pumpkins

Decoupage family picture pumpkin
Photo credit: Sugar and Charm

This memorable decoupage pumpkin can be made with a fake pumpkin so that you can enjoy it year after year. Or, snap photos of your pumpkins, and make one with current photos every year to come. What memories!