7 irresistible slow-cooker chili recipes

Photo credit: Jessica Gavin/Chef in Training/The Salty Marshmallow/Chocolate Covered Katie/Budget Bytes/Sally's Baking Addiction

Few things are better on a cold winter night than a hearty bowl of chili. Sometimes, though, we just don’t feel like we have the time to spend an hour or more making dinner. Well, help is here! Below are seven tried-and-true slow-cooker chili recipes that you can prep in the morning, cook all day, and eat when you’re ready. Boom — dinner is done.

Turkey chili with roasted jalapeño peppers

Broiled jalapeños, ground turkey and butternut squash come together in this turkey chili with roasted jalapeño peppers recipe from Jessica Gavin. Sure, there’s some extra prep involved — but once you taste it, you will know it was worth the work!

Turkey chili with roasted jalapeño peppers
Photo credit: Jessica Gavin

Slow-cooker white chicken chili

Budget Bytes has a delicious slow-cooker recipe for white chicken chili that combines chicken breasts with beans and green salsa. It’s proof that you can can create tasty and healthy meals without spending a lot of cash!

Slow cooker while chicken chili
Photo credit: Budget Bytes

Slow-cooker sweet potato chili

What could be easier than throwing a bunch of vegetables and beans into a slow-cooker? Chocolate Covered Katie nails the vegetarian chili option with her Crock-Pot sweet potato chili recipe. Beans, sweet potatoes and tomatoes simmer all day to meld their flavors — and allow you to open the pot at the end of the day to enjoy this delish low-effort, high-flavor meal.

Crock pot sweet potato chili
Photo credit: Chocolate Covered Katie

Slow-cooker taco spice chili

Taco and chili seasonings are very similar, so why not switch it up every once in a while? Sally’s Baking Addiction uses taco spice to flavor a tasty combo of sweet potato, turkey or beef, corn and bell pepper. A bit of uncooked quinoa absorbs some liquid, and boosts the nutritional content nicely. So where to begin? Get this slow-cooker taco spice chili recipe here!

Slow cooker taco spice chili
Photo credit: Sally’s Baking Addiction

Wholesome white bean chicken chili

Jessica Gavin’s wholesome white bean chicken chili, made with broiled jalapeños, is sure to impress. Broiling the jalapeños brings out a smokiness and gives the dish an unexpected kick (leave the seeds and membranes in for more heat). In this super-easy recipe, the chicken cooks with the other ingredients, creating an amazing flavor party in the slow-cooker.

Wholesome white bean chicken chili
Photo credit: Jessica Gavin

Slow-cooker chili

The simplicity of this slow-cooker chili recipe from Chef in Training can make it easy to overlook. Trust us, though: You don’t want to miss this classic flavor combination of beef, chili powder, onions, peppers and beans mingling in the warmth of a crock pot. Some things just can’t be beat.

Slow cooker chili
Photo credit: Chef in Training

Slow-cooker pork chile verde

Pork chile verde is a decadent meal found in higher-end Mexican food restaurants. While it’s worth the pretty penny it costs, a more wallet-friendly option is to make your own. From The Salty Marshmallow comes this delicious Crock-Pot pork chile verde that melds pork with green enchilada sauce, salsa verde and onions. You’ll have plenty left over for breakfast the next morning and lunch the next day. Delicioso!

Crock pot pork chile verde
Photo credit: The Salty Marshmallow