Trader Joe’s frozen food review: Taste-testing 8 different options

trader joes frozen food taste test

Oh, Trader Joe’s — how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. We love thee for thy invigorating Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo. We love thee for thy Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels. And we especially love thee for thy intoxicating blend of Everything But the Bagel Sesame Seasoning.

Whether your weekly visits to Trader Joe’s make you want to wax poetic or you’re not sure yet what all the fuss is about, you’ve likely barely scratched the surface of what this neighborhood market has to offer. Because, make no mistake, part of TJ’s magic lies in its wide, surprising and sometimes even puzzling variety of artisanal fare.

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You’re probably down to try to its eclectic sweets and odd-yet-appealing salty snacks (hello, corn, pea, bean, and quinoa crisps). But have you worked your way up to the freezer section yet? True to form, TJ’s frozen foods are an intriguing mix of basics and anything but.

Sure, it’s lovely to think that there’s always going to be enough time in the day to whip up something from scratch made of fresh ingredients. When you can’t, though, are Trader Joe’s frozen foods good enough to keep stocked for last-minute, late-night, and too-tired-to-channel-Martha-Stewart mealtimes?

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It’s time to put that question to the test. For your own at-home review, you could grab any combination of frozen foods from your local TJ’s. Here’s what we tried:

  • Fish Nuggets
  • Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese
  • Carrot Spirals
  • Swiss & Cauliflower Egg Frittata
  • Chipotle Vegetable Quesadilla
  • Chickenless Tenders
  • Pepperoni Pizza Mac & Cheese
  • Beef Cabbage Rolls

The verdict? While they weren’t all winners, there were definitely a few pleasantly shocking stand-outs (here’s looking at you, fish nuggets). Consider our curiosity — and hunger — for TJ’s frozen food selection officially piqued.

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