The best whisk for your gravy

Use the best whisk for whipping up gravy |
Photo credit: cislander/Getty Images

Who knew whisks could be such a polarizing kitchen utensil?! Chefs expound on what makes a great whisk, citing things like number of wires, flexibility, grip comfort. If you’re a casual cook and making gravy once a year, like Thanksgiving, you’ve probably only given your whisk a passing thought!

Whisks are an essential Thanksgiving utensil and our pick pulls double duty for gravy and whipped cream!

How to pick the right whisk

  • The wires should be different sizes and remain separate at the end of the balloon.
  • At the same time, make sure the wires are closely spaced.
  • It’s about balance: you need wires that are stiff enough…without being too stiff. Think flexible but strong enough to mash potatoes.
  • Material matters: silicone-coated wire whisks are better than nylon whisks, and good quality metal whisks have their handle sealed at both ends.
  • Consider the use and match the size of the whisk to the size of the container.

The best whisk for Thanksgiving

The OXO 11-inch Stainless Steel Balloon Whisk is our pick for Thanksgiving prep. It meets all the criteria and is less than $10! The wires are properly spaced, slightly flexible, and the stainless steel makes them firm enough for scraping the bottom of the roast pan while making pan gravy.