How to make a romantic and beautiful Valentine’s Day tablescape that’s perfect for celebrating


Valentine’s Day is a heart-shaped opportunity for a romantic dinner out, but if you’re skipping the hustle and bustle of your favorite restaurant (or didn’t make a reservation in time), you can do it yourself in glorious style right at home. In addition to your delightful dinner, you’ll want to fashion an incredible Valentine’s Day table setting. Lory Parson from To Have + To Host shows us how.

Floral centerpiece

Roses take the spotlight for Valentine’s Day table decorations. Multiple bundles of roses, each set in their own white vase, are placed next to one another in a swirl shape to give the illusion of a continuous swatch of roses, which looks incredible.


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Unique tablecloth

Continuing the floral theme, the tablecloth here is a light rose pink and textured so it looks like it’s been strewn with rose petals. Bonus: You get the petal look without having to clean up one stray bit when your dinner is complete.


Blooming plates

You really cannot have “too much” floral as far as Valentine’s Day table decorations go. We’ve chosen plates that also feature a floral motif. Instead of continuing with shades of rose, these designs are resplendent in shades of purple and yellow, with a bit of green. This keeps the Valentine’s Day table setting from becoming totally monochromatic, but still contrasts with the rest of the tablescape perfectly.


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Color schemes

Also, for Valentine’s Day table decorating ideas, there are a few color schemes to consider. Various shades of pink are always a solid choice, but don’t forget the super-hot color rose gold. Here, we’ve paired rose gold charger plates with the floral dishes, where it helps make the transition from the rose petal tablecloth to the different color scheme of the plates. Rose gold also comes into play with the silverware, which offsets the table setting beautifully. The napkin holders are also rose gold in color, with a sparkly twist.


We’ve also included darker pinks and light purple to give the whole tablescape a ton of visual interest. This works so that the main color scheme doesn’t get too washed out and everything doesn’t blend in together completely.


Remember, eye contact!

Also, make sure the main floral centerpiece doesn’t prohibit the diners from making eye contact, which is an important factor to consider for your Valentine’s Day tablescape. There are taller plants at each end, plus tall candles, but they add more visual interest without impeding romance. We also have a tall serving platter with white chocolate-dipped berries at one end, right next to a bottle of wine. Their positioning leaves the center view clear for plenty of conversation.


A Valentine’s Day dinner in a private setting for just the two of you is easy to pull off if you follow a few of the above guidelines. These Valentine’s Day table decorating ideas can help you create a romantic, cozy aura without the need to even leave your home, and you’ll have plenty of privacy as you move through the courses of your Valentine’s Day dinner together — and you won’t miss the cacophony of sound that may accompany a traditional V-Day dinner out.