Sole with lemon butter sauce

Sauteed sole with a lemon butter sauce

One of the meals I think of when I think “summertime” is definitely fresh fish. It can be grilled, baked, sauteed… it’s very versatile. Sole is a mild-flavored fish with a very delicate and flaky texture.  As with most fish or seafood, sole is best served with lemon and butter–even better yet, with a homemade lemon butter sauce. This recipe for Sole With Lemon Butter Sauce preserves the delicacy of the fish.

First, the sole is coated in a simple flour crust and sauteed until golden. A sauce of melted butter, fresh squeezed lemon juice, and parsley is gently poured over the top for a fresh and flavorful taste that doesn’t overpower the sole.

Served with a bundle of sweet grapes and a tangy tomato salad, and you have a quick and easy summer dinner idea. Eat this dish out on the patio and it’ll transport you to the beach.

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