Dinner and a movie: ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving dinner and movie
Photo credit: ABC Photo Archives/ABC

There are three things one thinks of when Thanksgiving time rolls around: turkey, travel and the Peanuts special A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

Fall is upon us and before you can pull a football out from under someone, it will be time to gather around the table with family and friends for food and festivities. However, the special usually airs a week or two before Turkey Day, giving you ample time to make a themed dinner for a viewing party.

Decorating for your fun themed dinner is pretty simple — just pull out a ping-pong table and some mismatched chairs to get that Charlie Brown vibe. The more makeshift, garage-sale-looking furniture you can throw together, the better.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving dinner and movie
Photo credit: ABC Photo Archives/ABC

If you can host in a backyard, then have friends eat al fresco. And don’t forget red napkins folded in fancy shapes. Include some of the snacks and entrées below, which Snoopy would be proud to serve.

And if your dinner doesn’t come out exactly the way you like it? Don’t fret. As Marcie says, “Thanksgiving is more than just the food. It’s a chance to be thankful for being together.”

Dress the part

You can provide pilgrim costumes like Snoopy and Woodstock wore, complete with a Myles Standish black hat.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving dinner and movie
Photo credit: ABC Photo Archives/ABC

Or dress as your favorite kid — come wearing a blue dress and a football for Lucy, a yellow Izod with some zigzags made from black tape for Charlie Brown or a red-and-black-striped top complete with a blue blanket for Linus.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving dinner and movie
Photo credit: ABC Photo Archives/ABC

Get your Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on

Before you can celebrate with Snoopy and the gang, you have to get the movie ready:

MOVIE: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (Don’t have it? Get it at Amazon or see more options)
RUNNING TIME: 0 hours, 50 minutes
RATING: Not rated
STARRING: Todd Barbee, Robin Kohn, Stephen Shea

Dinner and a movie: Your Charlie Brown Thanksgiving menu

And now, for our feature presentation…

Beverage: Salted caramel and peanut infused whiskey

For the grown-ups in the room — who probably sound like a trombone when speaking — there is an adult beverage for this fun feast. And in honor of Snoopy, Charlie and the gang, this whiskey cocktail from Stir and Strain includes peanuts.

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For the little ones, you can borrow the Southern tradition of adding peanuts to Coke so the whole family can enjoy.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving dinner and movie salted caramel and peanut whiskey cocktail from Stir and Strain
Photo credit: Stir and Strain

Nibbles: Candy popcorn mix

Sure, this is an Easter recipe, but we chose it to represent the colorful jelly beans and popcorn that make up a large portion of the Brown feast.

You can use jelly beans in this recipe from MakeItGrateful.com — or any leftover Halloween candy that your sweet tooth desires.

Looking for a more traditional autumnal way to put out some popcorn? Our pumpkin spice recipe combines the trendy fall flavor with the fluffy popped maize the pilgrims served at their dinner many years ago.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving dinner and movie candy popcorn mix
Photo credit: MakeItGrateful.com

Appetizer: Garlicky pumpkin hummus and pretzels

Peppermint Patty loudly voiced her dismay when all she was served was pretzels and other carb-laden snacks, but then again, she can’t act right outside of a baseball field.

You can make your friends and family happy by serving up your pretzels with a delicious, Thanksgiving-themed hummus from MakeItGrateful.com. Made with both pumpkin and garlic, this will have them double-dipping for sure.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving dinner and movie garlicky pumpkin hummus
Photo credit: MakeItGrateful.com

Side dish: Keto cauliflower bread

Snoopy may have misunderstood the term “break bread,” because the main course of his Michelin-star-worthy meal was toast. A lot of buttered toast.

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In keeping with Peanuts‘ carb-loading tradition, we have come up with the best thing since sliced bread: keto cauliflower bread. This keto-friendly recipe lets you enjoy as much toast as Woodstock could possibly butter.

Top with avocado or hummus, or just put out a little olive oil for dipping to savor the flavor of the home-baked loaf.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving dinner and movie keto cauliflower bread
Photo credit: MakeItGrateful.com

Entrée: Rosemary lemon roasted turkey

Snoopy saves the real centerpiece of the meal for a private dinner with Woodstock. However, this recipe from MakeItGrateful.com is so delicious that you will want the whole family to taste it.

Made with a rosemary, lemon and garlic rub, it will nicely complement your garlic hummus and keto bread. And did we mention it looks perfect in the center of a ping-pong table?

This delicious bird yields enough to feed a family and would make Peppermint Patty very happy. Cue Snoopy’s happy dance.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving dinner and movie rosemary lemon roasted turkey
Photo credit: MakeItGrateful.com

Dessert: Individual cherry cheesecake desserts

Make sure to save room for dessert before Lucy’s great tradition of kicking the football. You can kick this meal to the moon with individual cherry cheesecake parfaits from Real Housemoms.

Just like the sweet treats Snoopy made for good ol’ Chuck and the gang, these delights come in a parfait glass or wine glass. Not only does this signify this is a special occasion, but (bonus!) it also makes you feel like a kid again.

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The simple no-bake recipe swirls cherry pie filling with whipped cheesecake. Add whipped cream and another cherry on top and people will fight a folding chair for seconds.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving dinner and movie individual cheesecake dessert recipes from Real Housemoms
Photo credit: Real Housemoms