12 romantic dinner & a movie options for Valentine’s Day

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The Back-Up Plan

MOVIE: The Back-Up Plan (Don’t have it? Get it at Amazon or see more options)
RUNNING TIME: 1 hour, 40 minutes
STARRING: Jennifer Lopez, Alex O’Loughlin, Michaela Watkins


Tired of waiting for Mr. Right, Zoe (Jennifer Lopez) decides to be artificially inseminated so she can have the child she’s always wanted. Then in walks Mr. Could-Be-Right, Stan (Alex O’Loughlin). In this hilarious rom-com, the would-be couple tries to navigate all the typical dating woes — along with the hormones that come from carrying twins!

Stan doesn’t just make cheese; cheese is his passion. Tiffani Thiessen’s lemon feta cheese dip looks like the sort of spread he’d mastermind using one of the artisanal, locally sourced, handmade cheeses from his upstate farm.

You’re going to need the thick, hearty slices of our homemade no-knead bread to sop up some of your main dish: pressure-cooker white bean chili. But, please, don’t pull a Zoe and stand over the pot while you devour your meal.

Lemon Feta (c) Rebecca Sanabria
Photo credit: Rebecca Sanabria

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