Dress to impress! What to wear on Valentine’s Day that is sure to turn your date’s head

We will stay together forever
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For the guys

Guys, it’s just as much fun to dress sharp for your date as it is for women. Here are a few suggestions to get you set for a stylish night out for Valentine’s Day.


A suit is always a fashionable choice and it can make an incredible impression on your date. Here are some of our favorite picks for a classic suit, starting with one that comes in a wide variety of colors, including aquamarine, which is just fantastic. If you’re looking for a more traditional three-piece suit, we love this selection. Finally, this tweed herringbone is super classic.

Shirts and pants

Not in the mood for a suit? Shirts and pants can be just as sharp. Here, we have several different button-down shirts of varying colors and prints, and we have a couple of pants choices as well.


A snazzy pair of shoes will finish your V-Day outfit off. A classic oxford is always a good choice, and we have highlighted a few of our favorites. Most have a few different color options to choose from so they will look great with your chosen outfit.

Your Valentine’s Day outfit can really up the romance factor and can get your date off to a fantastic start. These outfit ideas can really help set the mood and help your date focus on you (and your burgeoning love story).

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