Yarn pumpkin garland Halloween craft

The beginning of autumn means cooler weather, shorter days, leaves changing colors, and pumpkins, of course! Nothing signifies the beginning of this new season better than the assortment of pumpkins – real and handmade – that will begin to show up everywhere. This yarn pumpkin garland craft, inspired by Design Improvised, is the ideal, easy, DIY craft to fit right in with the pumpkin theme that will soon take over.

Really though, isn’t one of the best things about fall getting the chance to decorate for a new season and upcoming holidays? And, while pumpkins are most commonly associated with Halloween, if you nix the scary faces, what you’re left with is a member of the squash family that looks festive as it adorns our home, both inside and out. The great thing about pumpkins is that they can stick around our homes for several months, from the beginning of fall through Thanksgiving. That’s a lot of value out of these sphere-like fruits.

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This pumpkin garland is such a fun and simple way to add a touch of the season to your home. With only 3 craft supplies, two hands (although another two is better!), and a pair of scissors, you can have a cute pumpkin garland to string on your mantle for the next few months.

You can do this by yourself, but if you have a little helper, the wrapping and tying will be that much easier. They’ll find it fun to have you wrap the yarn around their hand and watch it transform into a pumpkin. They can help with the wrapping, tying, adding the stem, and stringing it onto the twine. If they get restless and disappear before you’ve completed the garland, you’ll still be able to finish on your own!

This garland is not only perfect for your mantle, but would also look great strung over a mirror, hung above the front door, laid across a shelf or wrapped around the centerpiece of your table. Perfect for the beginning of fall but also suitable for Halloween and Thanksgiving. The green pipe cleaner makes a perfect stem, but for an even more authentic look, you could use tiny pieces of branches on each pumpkin. For a more Halloween version of the garland, you could cut eyes and mouths out of black fabric and glue them to each pumpkin.

If you don’t have a place to hang a garland, you can make these pumpkins freestanding so they can be placed individually or grouped together. In this way, you can make as many as you like and sit them anywhere that suits you. You could have your very own mini pumpkin patch! Family, friends, and neighbors would also appreciate the kind gesture of a pumpkin that won’t rot on their front porch!

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Gather all items for your yarn pumpkin garland craft

Some orange yarn, twine and green pipe cleaner and you are ready to go!

Gather all items for Yarn pumkin garland craft

Wrap orange yarn around your hand

Your hand will help shape the pumpkins. Make these pumpkins as big or small as you wish.

Wrap orange yarn around your hand

Tie orange yarn tight to secure pumpkin shape

To help hold the pumpkin shape together, tie a piece of yarn around the center.

Tie orange yarn tight

Attach green pipe cleaner and string together with twine

Green pipe cleaners make the cutest little pumpkin stems. They can be bent into shape to create any kind of stem.

How festive is this Yarn pumpkin garland craft?

A festive holiday decoration to hang up just about anywhere in your home!

How festive is this Pumpkin garland craft?

Add this fall decor to any room

The orange pop of color will grab people’s attention right away.

Add this fall decor to any room

Adorably crafty!

Once assembled, you’ll have a cute yarn pumpkin garland craft for years to come.

Adorably crafty!


  • Orange Yarn
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Green pipe cleaner – 3 inch piece


  1. Wrap yarn around hand
  2. The more you wrap around your hand, the more full your pumpkin will be
  3. Slide wrapped yarn carefully off hand onto surface
  4. Tie string around the yarn so that it holds everything together
  5. Attach green pipe cleaner to top of pumpkin for the stem
  6. Attach assembled pumpkin to twine
  7. Repeat steps for desired number of pumpkins on garland