Sock turkey craft

It is a well-documented fact that, on occasion, two socks go into the washer and dryer, but only one comes out. It is believed to be some type of laundry Bermuda triangle phenomena. So, for all those lonely socks that no longer have a mate, we have the perfect craft to give them a purpose again. This sock turkey craft, inspired by Christian Games and Crafts, will make use of that single sock and give it new life.

Now, if you’re the rare individual that does not have matchless socks stuffed in drawers, then first of all, wow! Second, you’ll need to buy some inexpensive brown socks for this turkey craft. For the rest of us, grab those socks, some brown, non-toxic fabric dye and some old clothes to wear in case you make a mess, and let’s get to dying. If you would rather not use fabric dye, two other options for dying your socks brown are to use food coloring or magic markers. By the way, the socks need to be longer than ankle length or your turkey may end up with no hat!

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This sock turkey is the perfect cold weather day activity for restless kids! However, if it’s sunny when you do this craft, head outside or into the garage so you don’t have to clean up spilled rice. Otherwise, consider covering your table in newspaper or towels that you can take outside and shake off. Cutting feathers out of foam works perfectly, but you can also use construction paper or fake craft feathers or even leaves.

This is the perfect craft for preschool or elementary school age kiddos — maybe even turkey-loving tweens. Involve friends and neighbors and have a sock turkey making party! Little hands will need some help with putting the rice in the sock and tying off the turkey’s body and head. With supervision, they can cut out the tail feathers and do the gluing themselves. With a group of kids, regular white glue will work much better than a hot glue gun. This is an ideal, fun, budget-friendly fall craft for classrooms that have crafty volunteers to help out.

Since turkeys are rarely alone, you’ll want to make a flock for your home. Set these friendly fowl on an entry table, dining table, shelf, or even a table on the porch to welcome friends. These can hang around your home all fall until it’s time for them to leave for warmer weather. Gobble gobble!

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Gather all items for your sock turkey craft

This super-cute craft requires just a few basic items, including rice, socks and some colorful feathers.

Gather all items for Sock turkey craft

Fill a sock with rice then separate head and body with a rubber band

The rice helps to give the turkey mass and weighs him down. Make your turkey as skinny or chunky as you like!

>Fill sock with rice, separate head and body with rubber band

Fold top of the sock down over the head to form a hat

Using a sock with a colored band around the top gives definition to your turkey’s hat and makes it pop.

Fold top of sock down over head to form hat

Glue on googly eyes with a hot-glue gun

Your hot-glue gun comes in handy with all crafts. Just a little dab adheres the eyes and beak.

Glue on googley eyes with hot-glue gun

Attach feathers with the hot-glue gun

Colorful feathers really make this sock turkey craft stand out. Use as many or few as you want to make your bird unique!

Attach feathers for Sock turkey craft

Cut out and glue on feet

Your little guy needs feet! Cut orange or yellow felt to shape and hot-glue gun them to the bottom.

Cut out and glue on feet

Feathers are a cute detail!

Check out these fancy feathers! These are a detail that makes this craft unique.

Adorable little sock turkeys

Holiday decor doesn’t get much cuter than these guys. They make any room more festive and fun!

Adorable little sock turkeys

Perfect homemade decor

This sock turkey craft is so cute and easy to do. A fun project for the kiddos, too!

Perfect homemade decor


  • craft foam
  • Orange felt
  • craft feathers in yellow and orange
  • Thin orange ribbon
  • googly eyes
  • Red pipe cleaner,
  • scissors
  • Glue guns
  • Brown sock
  • Funnel
  • Rice
  • 2 rubber bands


  1. Funnel rice into brown sock to desired size.
  2. Tie rubber band around sound to close and shape the body of the turkey
  3. Continue to funnel more rice into the sock to desired size for head
  4. Close off the head with rubber band
  5. Fold remaining part of sock down over the head to form the hat
  6. Cut feet out of orange felt
  7. Cut triangle out of orange felt
  8. Glue googly eyes to head of turkey
  9. Glue triangle nose
  10. Tie orange ribbon around turkey neck to conceal rubber band
  11. Affix red pipe cleaner to center of ribbon to create the turkey gobbler
  12. Glue feathers to the back of the assembled turkey in the color pattern and fullness of your choice
  13. Final step is to glue the feet to the bottom of the turkey