New ways to love those Thanksgiving leftovers

Turkey cranberry sandwich
Photo credit: PamelaJoeMcFarlane/Getty Images

Trying to find new ways to use up all the Thanksgiving leftovers can be challenging. We found some tasty twists on old favorites for you to try!

Pot pie soup made with turkey leftovers

This delicious pot pie soup made with turkey leftovers from Jessica Gavin is a great way to use leftover turkey on a chilly fall evening.

Photo credit: Jessica Gavin

Chipotle twice-baked sweet potatoes

These chipotle twice-baked sweet potatoes from The Stay At Home Chef are sweet, smoky, and a little bit spicy. This tasty dish can be served up as a vegetarian main course, intriguing side dish, or even a fun appetizer.

Photo credit: The Stay At Home Chef

Mashed Parmesan potato cakes

These Mashed Parmesan potato cakes from Call Me PMC have a crispy outside and fluffy, creamy inside. Enjoy them plain or load similar to loaded potato skins with cheddar, bacon, green onions and ranch dressing.

Photo credit: Call Me PMC

Second day fried stuffing bites with cranberry sauce pesto

Wondering what to do with the left over stuffing and cranberry sauce? Give this recipe for Second day fried stuffing bites with cranberry sauce pesto from Food Network a try and see what you think!

Photo credit: Food Network

Stuffing and eggs

For this recipe called Stuffing and eggs from Jillian Harris you simply put left over stuffing in a muffin pan, crack and egg over it, and stick it in the oven. It is a delicious use of leftover stuffing.

Photo credit: Jillian Harris

Leftover turkey Reuben with cranberry Russian dressing

The Leftover turkey Reuben with cranberry Russian dressing from Panini Happy is a twist on the traditional Reuben sandwich, with a sweet cranberry and coleslaw dressing.

Photo credit: Panini Happy

Turkey, cranberry and apple quesadillas

This recipe for Turkey, cranberry and apple quesadillas from Cookie Monster Cooking is as simple as it sounds, with the use of leftover turkey, cranberry sauce and cheese melted together between two tortillas.

Photo credit: Cookie Monster Cooking

Ham and Swiss sliders

If you are looking for a use for your leftover ham, don’t pass by this one for ham and Swiss sliders from Chef-In-Training. Marry your leftover ham with leftover rolls from dinner and a little Swiss cheese, and you will have a wonderful lunchtime meal.

Photo credit: Chef-In-Training

Turkey-Parmesan baked rotini

Use your leftover turkey in a pasta bake with this Turkey-Parmesan baked rotini leftover dish from Rock Recipes. It is the ultimate definition of comfort food.

Photo credit: Rock Recipes

Oatmeal cranberry cheesecake bars

The Oatmeal cranberry cheesecake bars from A Family Feast are comprised of an oatmeal cookie crust, cream cheese filing, leftover cranberries, more cream cheese and then a top layer of oatmeal. Not only are cranberries a favorite part of holiday dinners, but the leftovers will be a favorite part of holiday desserts.

Photo credit: A Family Feast

Cranberry sorbet

Don’t toss the leftover cranberries this holiday, use them to make a sweet dessert treat! Leftover cranberries mixed with orange juice, pureed and frozen make this delicious cranberry sorbet from Brown Eyed Baker.

Photo credit: Brown Eyed Baker

Pecan pie bread pudding

This Pecan pie bread pudding has been one of the most popular recipes on Something Swanky since it was published back in 2012. Pecan pie filling poured over thick pieces of leftover holiday dinner rolls and baked to perfection!

Photo credit: Something Swanky

Green bean casserole grilled cheese sandwich

Don’t knock it before you try it! Even if it sounds a little odd, this Green bean casserole grilled cheese sandwich from Family Fresh Meals is a great way to use that leftover green bean casserole from Thanksgiving.

Photo credit: Family Fresh Meals