Truly unique football party ideas that really score

Truly unique football party ideas
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On any given Sunday, prayers can be heard across the nation. That’s because football is on and fans are hoping their team is the victor.

You can gather at a loud sports bar, but why not watch your team cream the competition in the comfort of your own home? You can create delicious snack foods that will win the day  even if your team doesn’t.

You don’t have to rely on a Hail Mary when throwing a football shindig either. If you don’t have the time or energy to create a “Snackadium,” here are some easy (and tasty!) red zone recipes that will have your friends cheering you on.

Team-inspired tastes

Dallas Cowboy caviar

The Dallas Cowboys are a football dynasty, even if they haven’t been so hot lately. Perhaps they need more vitamins in their daily diet! This Cowboy caviar from Budget Bytes might be just the thing to turn their D into a sack machine.

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It will be a hit with your friends, too. The blend of tangy vegetables, hearty beans and tangy lime-balsamic vinaigrette with a hint of jalapeño could turn any hungry man into the 12th man.

Truly unique football party ideas cowboy caviar
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Philly Eagles cheesesteak sliders

Fly, Eagles, fly — straight to the snack table for this twist on a classic Philly favorite from Divas Can Cook. Instead of an unwieldy sub for each guest, these small bites take the taste of cheesesteaks and wrap them in a small taquito package.

Just hope your team can take a bite out of their opponent’s offense half as well as you tear into these tasty Philly-style morsels.

Truly unique football party ideas cheesesteak sliders
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Miami Dolphins Cuban sandwich

Miami is second only to Cuba when it comes to best places to get a killer Cuban sandwich. Hola Jalapeño’s recipe  inspired by chef Jose Garces  is full of flavor and hearkens the vibrant city of Miami itself. If you want to make these more portable for party-goers, you could always adapt the recipe into sliders.

Truly unique football party ideas cuban sandwich
Photo credit: Hola Jalapeno

Packers cheesy beer fondue

If your defense is looking like Swiss cheese, then use it for inspiration and make fondue. This recipe practically begs to be consumed in the land of Cheddarheads and beer lovers.

A blend of Gruyère and cheddar meet a hint of beer here, so we’re off to a solid start, no? Then all you need to do is add pepper and garlic for some zest. Well, that and hope that Rodgers and The Pack have likewise zing in their game plan.

Truly unique football party ideas cheesy beer fondue
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Giants soft pretzel bites

New York is known for Broadway, street-cart pretzels and Odell Beckham Jr. dancing in the end zone. You can pay tribute to one of these things by creating our delicious small soft pretzel bites.

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Make extra of these warm, buttery snacks to dip in your cheesy fondue  the carb fuel will come in handy for all the jumping up and down and screaming at Manning you’ll inevitably be doing.

Truly unique football party ideas giant soft pretzel bites
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Bills Buffalo turkey stuffed shells

Buffalo is cold, cold, cold, so make something that will warm your fans up. These cheesy buffalo turkey stuffed shells are a fresh spin on the hot wings made famous by the upstate NY town. In fact, you could even sub chicken for turkey if you’re a purist.

Now, if only the Bills could heat things up, too, and bring home a ring.

Truly unique football party ideas cheesy buffalo stuffed turkey shells
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Patriots Boston-baked beans

There is nothing neutral zone about this flavorful dish featuring the baked beans that Boston is known for.

Our recipe features bacon, brown sugar, mustard and ginger, in addition to three kinds of beans. Serve it up with the 100-yard stare of Coach Belichick when he is questioned about his game plan. Regardless, though, once your guests taste it they will be feeling Tom Terrific.

Truly unique football party ideas lumberjack beans
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Houston Texans baby back ribs

Texas wants its baby back, baby back, baby back. And it got it  when J.J. Watt returned to the fold.

Texas, like most of the country, also wants ribs, and this fall-off-the-bone recipe will satiate that desire.

Truly unique football party ideas grilled baby back ribs
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Chicago Bears deep dish pizza

When the Bears go deep into the end zone, you will need to have a dish to match.

This pizza from Sally’s Baking Addiction is a classic Chicago favorite with a wall of crust so thick, you will wish your O-line could match it.

Truly unique football party ideas Chicago deep dish pizza
Photo credit: Sally’s Baking Addiction

Broncos “mile high” apple pie

The taste of victory is sweet. However, Denver might have to settle for this delicious dessert substitute this year.

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Blue Jean Chef’s mile-high apple pie recipe leaves it all on the field, which John Elway undoubtedly hopes the team will do as well. Not to mention, the name is a nod to the Broncos’ stadium.

Truly unique football party ideas mile high apple pie
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Crowd-pleasers (for party-goers without a team)

Instant Pot spinach & artichoke dip

There’s no “I” in team, but there is an “I” in “I want more of that dip, stat!” Our rich, creamy artichoke and spinach dip tastes decadent, but it will also make your guests feel like they’ve squeezed some sort of vegetable in among the less nutritious fare.

Plus, the indulgent taste will have them convinced you toiled away for hours creating this app.

If you want to lean into that false narrative a little (no judgment!) just remember to hide the Instant Pot before they arrive.

Truly unique football party ideas spinach and artichoke dip
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Spicy football deviled eggs

All your guests will want to be eligible receivers of these tangy appetizers. And they look like they could be tossed for a first down, too.

This cute recipe from Tablespoon features football-shaped eggs with buffalo-flavored chicken and Sriracha sauce. In other words, you’ll want to spike it in your mouth.

Truly unique football party ideas football deviled eggs
Photo credit: Tablespoon

Sports dipped strawberries

In football, it’s not how you start but how you finish. So end the meal right with a sweet treat that will get your menu over the goal line, like this after-dinner treat from Recipe Girl.

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Fresh strawberries dipped in rich chocolate and decorated laces up prove perfect to go through the uprights  your mouth. Put this one in the win column.

Truly unique football party ideas sports-dipped strawberries
Photo credit: Recipe Girl