Stracciatella, tomatoes, and basil crostini

Crostini with soft cheese, fresh tomatoes and basil

This beautiful summer appetizer recipe only has 6 ingredients. Which is perfect for hosting a summertime barbecue because no one wants to be indoors slaving away in a hot kitchen.

This recipe for Stracciatella, Tomatoes, and Basil Crostini is bright, cool, and creamy. But you’re probably asking, “What is stracciatella?” Well, it’s an Italian soft cheese–a mixture of mozzarella, buffalo milk, and cream that is rich and buttery. But if you can’t find this cheese in your local specialty cheese shop, you can totally substitute it for mozzarella or burrata. Maybe even creamy goat cheese for an even richer taste.

This recipe is super easy. Just toast or grill your bread, drizzle with good quality olive oil, scoop on the stracciatella, place tomatoes and basil on top, and voila! Even the kids can help prepare this fun snack. And they’ll probably help you eat it, too. Who doesn’t love bread and cheese?

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