Sláinte! 8 Irish St. Patrick’s Day cocktails for celebrating with friends & family

Refreshing Festive Green Beer
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Celebrate the Irish with your friends and family by mixing up a few of our leprechaun-approved drinks. From the classic green beer, to Irish cream cocktails, the following eight St. Patrick’s Day cocktails will help you get your party started.

Butter pecan Irish cream

Put a Southern spin on the classic Irish cream and surprise your St. Patrick’s Day party-goers with this homemade butter pecan Irish cream recipe from Aimee Mars, the Dinner Chef.

A lip-smacking lusciously sweet drink, this Irish-inspired cocktail is insanely addictive. You make it with whiskey, condensed milk, chocolate syrup, eggs, vanilla, butter and pecan extract. Simmer the ingredients until they are hot, bubbling and brown, then pour the rich and complexly flavored mixture into mugs to serve warm — or refrigerate it and serve chilled.

No matter how you serve your butter pecan Irish cream, your guests are going to swoon with every sweet sip.

The Dinner Chef

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Double Irish trouble (adult milkshake)

Thirsty for a St. Patrick’s Day drink that is far more sophisticated and satisfying than guzzles of green beer? Try this double Irish trouble from Toni Dash at Boulder Locavore.

A tasty twist on the traditional Irish coffee cocktail, this lovely libation is an adults-only milkshake featuring coffee ice cream, Baileys Original Irish Cream and Irish whiskey. It’s a cool and creamy drink-dessert combo that your family and friends will remember long after your St. Patrick’s Day get-together.

As a bonus, this fun and festive Irish cocktail is perfect to serve your gluten-free guests.

Boulder Locavore

Homemade Baileys Irish cream

Why buy a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream this St. Patrick’s Day when you can make your own? This homemade Baileys Irish cream recipe from Michelle, the Brown Eyed Baker, calls for just a handful of ingredients and takes a mere five minutes to prepare.

Start with Jameson Irish Whiskey, then add cream, sweetened condensed milk, chocolate syrup, vanilla and instant coffee. Whir the ingredients in the blender until smooth and you’ve got yourself a rich, delicious Irish drink.

A highly versatile liqueur, Irish cream can be served simply on the rocks or used to make belly-warming coffee cocktails, indulgent dessert drinks or espresso martinis.

Brown Eyed Baker

Dublintini cocktail

Craving a St. Patrick’s Day cocktail that puts you in the mood to dance an Irish jig? Sip on this! Our Dublintini cocktail deliciously smacks of sour apple and cranberry juice, which are perfectly balanced with the smooth taste of Irish whiskey.

An Irish take on the traditional gin and vermouth martini, this lively green-hued drink features a quick and easy combination of sour apple schnapps, white cranberry juice and Irish whiskey. Three ingredients is all you need to shake up a mouthwateringly memorable martini that will have your family and friends singing and dancing in celebration.

5D4B7167 - Dublintini

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St. Patrick’s Day green beer

If you can’t imagine St. Patrick’s Day without a pint of green beer, but are tired of the crowded, rowdy pub scene, try a homemade version and throw a party at home!

This St. Patrick’s Day green beer from Jerry at Uncle Jerry’s Kitchen requires two simple ingredients and your favorite beer glass. Drip a couple of drops of green food coloring into your glass and slowly fill with your choice of light beer. If you’re in the mood for a salty rim, wet the rim of the glass and dip it in green-colored salt before you pour your heady emerald drink.

Wondering which light beer to choose? The best green beers are made with pilsners, IPAs and pale ales.

Uncle Jerry’s Kitchen

Irish hazelnut cream

This Irish hazelnut cream from Nicole Branan at The Spice Train is a potent Irish cocktail that is crazy easy to make.

Mix together equal parts Irish whiskey and Frangelico, then lavishly decorate with homemade whipped cream and a generous dusting of freshly grated nutmeg. The Frangelico — a hazelnut liqueur — and whiskey become a lovely nutty riff on the classic Irish cream that is a must-drink on St. Patrick’s Day. The whipped cream and nutmeg give this luscious cocktail an irresistible presentation that instantly becomes pleasure on the palate upon the first sip.

Whip up a large batch of the Irish hazelnut cream and funnel it into miniature bottles to give to your guests as St. Patrick’s Day party favors.

The Spice Train

Sunset slushie

Just because St. Patrick’s Day is all about green beer, green clothing and shamrocks, doesn’t mean you have to follow the norm.

Buck the green trend and surprise your family and friends with this colorful sunset slushie from Tonia at The Gunny Sack. A refreshing frosty layered drink, this sunset slushie may not be the traditional St. Patty’s Day color, but it does feature an ample amount of Baileys Irish Cream. You make the blue slushie layer by blending ice with Baileys, citrus soda and blue drink mix. The orange layer is a mixture of ice, Baileys and frozen orange juice. You create the red layer with cherry grenadine syrup.

This fun and festive drink is a tasty change from the classic St. Patrick’s Day drinks, and is a special cocktail that can be served all year round.

The Gunny Sack

Shamrock shooters

It’s St. Patrick’s Day! Let the kids drink shamrock shakes while you whip up these shamrock shooters for the adults.

A yummy recipe created by Liz Berg at That Skinny Chick Can Bake, shamrock shooters are a delicious mashup of a minty green vanilla milkshake and a shot of crème de menthe liqueur. Give the ingredients a whir in the blender until thick and creamy, divide into shot glasses, and generously top with sweetened whipped cream and green sprinkles.

This adults-only St. Patrick’s Day shamrock shake will bring out the kid and the Irish in you and your party crew. And as they say in Ireland: Sláinte!

That Skinny Chick Can Bake