Frozen blueberry yogurt in lemon bowls

Yogurt mixed with honey and blueberries and frozen

This recipe for Frozen Blueberry Yogurt in Fresh Lemon Bowls is so pretty you won’t want to eat it! With simple ingredients of yogurt, honey, and blueberries, it’s SO easy to make!

You can serve this as dessert, but it really could be eaten for breakfast, too. It’s just yogurt… frozen, after all. This cold treat is light and refreshing, and perfect for summertime.

Apron and Sneakers topped her frozen blueberry yogurt with mint and sprinkles. Then she scooped out the flesh of a lemon and used it as an adorable bowl! It adds a fun, kid-friendly touch.

These frozen treats would make a sweet addition to your Easter brunch. Make them ahead of time, pop in the freezer, and pass out to your holiday guests. And the best part? No clean up!

Get the recipe for these Frozen Blueberry Yogurt in Fresh Lemon Bowls over at Apron and Sneakers.