quesadilla grilled cheese

Quesadilla grilled cheese



  1. Measure 1 cup of cheese and put it to the side. Fill two Ziploc bags with 1 cup of cheese each.  
  2. Add food dye to each bag by dipping a fork into the dye and swirling it around in the bag. Close the bag and mix. Add more dye as desired.
  3. Place flour tortillas on top of uncooked sourdough bread. Cut tortilla so it fits perfectly on bread.
  4. Keeping cheeses separated, grease skillet with unsalted butter. Add two pieces of sourdough bread and sprinkle green cheese onto both sides.
  5. In same skillet or in another pan, make quesadilla using the same green cheese. Once quesadilla cheese has melted, add it to one of the open-face sourdough slices. Flip other sourdough slice onto quesadilla, cheese-side down.  
  6. Let quesadilla sandwich sit for a couple minutes, then flip. Add white cheese.
  7. Using same white cheese, make another quesadilla. Simultaneously, add more butter to skillet and a new piece of sourdough bread. Pile on white cheese.
  8. Once quesadilla cheese is melted, stack it on top of the growing sandwich, followed by newest slice of bread, then flip.
  9. Repeat with red cheese.

To decorate exterior:

  1. Using color mist food color spray, cover middle of sandwich with white color mist.
  2. Cover 2/3 of sandwich with printer paper and spray with green color mist.
  3. Repeat process by covering the green and white portions with printer paper, and spraying red color mist.

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