Hot cocoa shots: Holiday gift crafts

These cute little hot cocoa shots are perhaps some of the easiest DIY Christmas gifts you can make.

When it comes to holiday crafts, it really doesn’t get much less complicated than layering cocoa mix with mini marshmallows and chocolate candies in cute hermetic glass jars! Even someone with an epic #pinterestfail history can get this homemade gift right.

Simple, yes — but so adorable. Doesn’t everything look positively charming when presented in a glass jar? You could bottle air, call it unicorn essence, put it in one of these jars, and tie it up with a ribbon, and you’ll have a festive and winning craft-y gift. But since unicorn essence (supposedly) isn’t real… why don’t we go with giving friends and family a deliciously indulgent cocoa mix?

A simple & delicious holiday gift craft

Each jar has enough mix to make about half a cup of rich cocoa (and it will be rich when you let the chocolate candies melt into the mixture). In actual shot glass terms, that would just about fill two 2-ounce shot glasses, with room for a nice dollop of whipped cream. Get the ingredient list and directions below!

Supplies for each hot cocoa shot

  • Glass favor jars (we used these snap-top favor jars)
  • Cocoa mix
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Chocolate chips or chocolate candies (Christmas m&ms are shown)
  • Decorative ribbon for the bow

hot cocoa shots scooping cocoa

How to make this Christmas gift craft

  1. Using a teaspoon, fill jar about 1/3 full of cocoa mix.
  2. Layer approximately 8-10 chocolate candies or chocolate chips on top of cocoa mix.
  3. Layer mini marshmallows on top of the candies, and close jars.
  4. Tie decorative ribbon around jars.

Directions to use the gift’s cocoa mix

If you like, you can print out the instructions here. Then just punch a hole in the paper and attach it to one of the ribbons on the cocoa shot (or set of shots).

To prepare the hot cocoa, empty into a small cup, mix with about 3.5 ounces of hot water or milk — that’s a little less than 1/2 cup.

Adding the candies to the gift craft

Hot cocoa shots

Topping off this chocolate craft with mini marshmallows

Supplies for each hot cocoa shot

The finishing touch: Tying the ribbon on your homemade gifts

christmas craft gift with ribbon

Sweet little craft gifts for Christmas

We like to make a big batch of these crafty homemade holiday gifts (12 to 24 at a time), then give them to teachers, neighbors and work friends in little groups of three or four! These little cocoa jars also make great party favors. One tip: Don’t make these gift jars too far in advance, or else the marshmallows may get a little stale.

Big shots

What about matching these cocoa shots with an alcoholic shot? The adults might like to turn their hot chocolate into a nightcap by adding a little Peppermint Schnapps or Kahlua. (You could even add one of those mini liquor bottles to your gift presentation.)

hot cocoa shot craft holiday gift