Chicken taco pasta salad with Catalina dressing

pasta salad with taco flaovors

It’s Tuesday, and you all know what that means… tacos! Everyone loves tacos, they’re so versatile. You can make them any way you want–with any meat, any veggie, and any kind of dressing, from creamy to vinegary.

Well, now that the weather is warming up we decided to change up Taco Tuesday with this recipe for Chicken Taco Pasta Salad with Catalina Dressing! This taco pasta salad is simple to make, yet packed with Mexican flavors.

What we really love about this pasta salad is that it can be whipped up in no time, so it’s a perfect weeknight dinner. Grab a rotisserie chicken, taco seasoning, cooked pasta, scallions, black olives, tomatoes, bell peppers, shredded cheddar cheese… basically whatever you would want on a taco–and combine! You could even toss in avocado slices, red onion, black beans, corn, anything you like. Then drizzle with Catalina dressing!

While this recipe calls for a homemade Catalina dressing with ingredients you likely already have–ketchup, red wine vinegar, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, olive oil, and spices, you could use bottled dressing, too. As a finishing touch, top your salad with sour cream and mix it all up for a perfectly sweet, spicy, tangy taco pasta salad recipe to die for!

Whip up this recipe for Chicken Taco Pasta Salad with Catalina Dressing found on Chelsea’s Messy Apron and enjoy it out on the patio. It’s perfect for a sunny picnic!