Thanksgiving cocktail: Ginger spice

Ginger Spice Cocktail

It does not get much easier than this autumn Ginger Spice cocktail, which only calls for two ingredients: spiced rum and ginger ale. It’s spicy, sweet, fizzy, and savory—the perfect combination for fall. So if you’re looking for a more creative long drink recipe that doesn’t require much effort, but boasts bold flavors, this is the drink for you. Rum and ginger ale is totally the new “rum and coke.”

Ginger Spice Cocktail Recipe

Yield 1


  • 2 oz. spiced rum, like Captain Morgan
  • 6 oz. ginger ale
  • Ice


  1. Pour spiced rum over ice in a highball cocktail glass.
  2. Fill with ginger ale.
  3. Enjoy.