12 twists on the classic mint julep

Refreshing Cold Mint Julep
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Celebrate the Kentucky Derby:
12 Twists on the Classic Mint Julep

It’s almost race time! Are you ready to celebrate with a mint julep? If you want something a little more creative than a traditional mint julep with sugar, water, mint and bourbon, try one of these unique takes! From chunks of fresh fruit to chocolate or vanilla, unique herbs to piquant spices—these are not your average mint julep recipes.

So, off to the races we go! Cheers.

mint julep spiked with jalapeno
Photo credit: Country Living

Add some heat with a Jalapeño Spiked Mint Julep

mint julep with pineapple and ginger
Photo credit: The Kitchn

This fruity and spicy Ginger-Mint Julep with Fresh Pineapple also has black peppercorns

mint julep with cognac and peach preserves
Photo credit: Saveur

Peach preserves and cognac come together in this mint julep, The Wild Ruffian

Mint julep with strawberries and moonshine
Photo credit: Saveur

Chunks of strawberries and moonshine make up this Strawberry Moonshine Julep

chocolaty mint julep cocktail
Photo credit: Creative Culinary

A Girl Scouts-inspired, chocolaty Thin Mint Julep

skip the mint and make a basil julep
Photo credit: Culinary Ginger

Skip the mint and make a fresh, herby Basil Julep instead

mint julep recipe with fresh lavender
Photo credit: Pizzazzerie

A touch of color and florals makes this Lavender Mint Julep the real winner

Frozen mint julep popsicles
Photo credit: Honestly Yum

You’ll lick not sip these Mint Julep Popsicles

mint juelp with clementine juice
Photo credit: One Martini

Add a touch of citrus with this Clementine Mint Julep

cinna-mint julep
Photo credit: Cosmopolitan

Cinnamon+ mint = Cinna-Mint Julep

Photo credit: Creative Culinary

Try a bubbly and sweet Sparkling Blackberry Mint Julep

Turn your mint julep into a slushi
Photo credit: And They Cooked Happily Ever After

Blend, don’t stir, your Mint Julep Slushie