Balsamic vinegar roasted chicken with potatoes

chicken roasted in balsamic vinegar

If you’re looking for an elegant Sunday dinner, or an easy weeknight dinner, this is the chicken recipe for you! With the addition of grilled peppers and tomatoes, this Balsamic Vinegar Roasted Chicken with Potatoes is a one-pot meal complete with protein, starch, and veggies!

All you need to make this meal is a few simple ingredients you likely have in your kitchen. And an hour of baking time. Rub the chicken with balsamic vinegar and oregano, salt and pepper for a crispy, golden skin. Even the potatoes get a vinegary kick with a drizzle of balsamic to balance things out.

You can’t go wrong with chicken and potatoes. Kids and adults alike will eat this one-dish chicken dinner right up.

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