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8 recipes to upgrade your Easter dinner party menu

Recipes to add to your Easter dinner menu
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Spinach artichoke deviled eggs

Let’s be honest, there’s a breaking point for all of us during the Easter season. There are only so many traditional deviled eggs we can stand. Thanks to this spinach and artichoke deviled eggs recipe, you really can give the people what they want: a twist on the classic that won’t leave them hating eggs for the next year.

Roasted lemon Parmesan green beans

This roasted lemon Parmesan green beans recipe pairs perfectly with that ham. This recipe boasts fresh flavor with only three ingredients. These green beans are sure to get a lot of attention at the Easter dinner table.

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Jalapeño popper dip

While this recipe may be the most unexpected on this list because it is the least traditional Easter dinner fare, the jalapeño popper dip seems to satisfy the need for something a little spicy at those Easter gatherings. Plus, no one is quite ready to admit yet that football is over for the season, so bring on those delectable appetizers.

Loaded candy cookie bars

A kid-friendly favorite, these loaded candy cookie bars can be made with leftover Easter candy. You know the little ones aren’t going to eat all those M&M’s and Peeps. Toss them into this recipe to create a yummy, sharable Easter-themed dessert.

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